The Mindful Alphabet: Charlotte Mason Based Literacy Lessons (eBook)

The Mindful Alphabet: Charlotte Mason Based Literacy Lessons (eBook)

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Waiting for formal lessons until the age of 6 is a key part of using the Charlotte Mason philosophy for the early years. Yet, she had clear recommendations for teaching our children the alphabet: it should be play-based and child led. This set of digital lessons guides you in using the Charlotte Mason method to teach your young child the alphabet sounds, upper and lower case letters, and even beginning word blending. Let your child set the pace for a peaceful learning experience! 

I used Charlotte Mason's recommendations along with modern, research-based activities to teach your child pre-reading skills. The first part revolves around nursery rhymes. Your child will playfully learn the alphabet sounds while practicing mindful observation, making mental images, and experimenting with sounds. Part two gives your child time to keep learning and experimenting with alphabet sounds, and also teaches long-vowel sounds. In part three, your child is introduced to lower case letters. If you should choose to move on to part four, it gives ideas for beginning word building with your child, all a part of reading preparation as spelled out in the Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

I created this lesson guide because I wanted to give busy moms an easy, affordable way to put Charlotte Mason's recommendations in practice. This is an instant download- a physical product will not be sent. 

The Mindful Alphabet Includes:

  • 4 sections of lesson plans/activities
  • 15 pages of printable resources
  • Charlotte Mason's words about teaching the alphabet
  • A password protected area where you can access videos and extra resources for guidance
  • Formal reading lessons, when your child is ready

Recommended for children ages 3-5 who are interested in learning letters and sounds. You can download a preview here---

Note- The video link in the file has been updated-

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