Garden Literacy Guide
Garden Literacy Guide
Garden Literacy Guide
Garden Literacy Guide

Garden Literacy Guide

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Bring beauty to your little one's day with this delightful guide to early literacy! You'll introduce the consonants of the alphabet using flowers and garden finds. Getting in touch with nature is the key objective of the early years, so bring the focus outdoors even when learning the ABC's!

Through this guide, you'll be able share with your child- 

  • All of the consonant letters
  • Classic poems about gardens and flowers 
  • The joy of rhyming 
  • How to blend and segment sounds
  • Phonemic awareness activities
  • Flower flash cards to build letter awareness
  • Hands-on letter building and writing activities
  • Learning outside to build deeper connections
  • Word building
  • Identifying where sounds lie in a word

All of these pre-literacy activities help to build the foundation for reading success. 

Sample lesson: 

  1. Read Hope is Like A Harebell. 
  2. Introduce the "h" flashcard and "harebell" flashcard. Have your child trace the letter H on the cards with their finger.
  3. Demonstrate the /h/ sound for your child. This is a voiceless consonant: make a breathy sound as if you are fogging up glass.
  4. Have your child put their hand in front of their mouth as they say the "h" sound.
  5. Look through the poem and find the H's, both upper case and lower case. Have your child point to these.
  6. Say, "Write the letter H in a you sand/salt tray. Use the flashcard to help."
  7. Say the following words from the poem, and when your child hears the H sound, have them hold up the H flashcard: Harebell, hope, rose, high.
  8. Use small flowers, stones, or other objects from nature to make a capital H.
  9. Have your child trace the dotted lines below as you slowly say each sound in "hop." See if your child can guess the word.

This can be broken up into multiple days, or done in one sitting. 


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