Phoneme Cards + Word Cards
Phoneme Cards + Word Cards

Phoneme Cards + Word Cards

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If you are teaching reading Charlotte Mason's way, you need these cards! Help fill in the gaps with phonics and hone spelling  skills by working on the 44 phonemes, the smallest unit of sound in the English language. 

Each phoneme card has a representation of the phoneme and includes the most common graphemes (phonograms) that make up each sound. Practice each grapheme in a spelling notebook, or simply flip through the cards and help your child remember how to spell each sound. 

In this file, you'll find: 

  • 43 phoneme cards (one card has two phonemes!) help you teach phonics in an organized fashion
  • Common spellings of each phoneme
  • 147 color-coded word cards for teaching the phonemes and spelling patterns
  • A master word list for easy organization and implementation (updated 2024)
  • A definitions page helps teach the language of phonics 
  • Recommended ideas for using the cards to keep lessons interesting 

This is an electronic file. Word cards are in order so you can easily sort which words/phoneme cards to sort first. 


Possible uses-

Have your child paste the phoneme cards in a notebook. Use the word cards to help you brainstorm words that use the graphemes listed on the cards. Practice spelling this way, and also fill in phonics gaps!

Use the phoneme card to brainstorm words that include the phoneme. On a large piece of paper, help your child sort the words by their grapheme. 

Show your child a phoneme card. Have them say the sound, and then spell a grapheme list on the card. Then, help them say the word correlated with that grapheme. For example, "/oy/ o-y Boy. o-i soil."