Little Robin Redbreast Printable Reading Pack

Little Robin Redbreast Printable Reading Pack

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Make teaching your child to read Charlotte Mason's way simpler with this reading printable pack. Note that this is now the FIRST reading printable pack in the series. This 15-page pack helps you teach your child whole words as well as word families and phonics rules. It includes:

  • Word cards from the rhyme Little Robin Redbreast to help you teach reading by sight
  • Phonics rule cards that you can keep in a notebook for easy review
  • Phonics pattern cards for simple phonics instruction and word building
  • A classic poem for your child to search for the words he or she has learned
  • Word sort to build classification and attention skills
  • "Words I Know" sheet for record keeping and review

These lessons follow Charlotte Mason's guidelines, and save you time and effort. 

*This is a printable product. No product will be sent to you. 


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