Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2

Idea Nest Volume 2

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If you're waiting to begin formal lessons until your child is six, but can't wait to offer up a life of ideas, this is what you've been looking for! Let me introduce you to Idea Nest!

Idea Nest (digital download) is an early years guide for children ages 3-7, focused on building character and an appreciation for nature. 

Each month has a nature-based theme, as well as a character theme. Incorporate some of the ideas in your morning time by reading stories, singing a hymn, listening to a Bible story, looking at an art piece, and reading a poem. Save the imaginary play, handicraft, and science exploration ideas for later in the day. 

With Idea Nest Volume 2 you'll-

  • Read great books
  • Make a seasons tree
  • Study rocks
  • Learn Bible stories 
  • Explore why leaves change color
  • Listen to beautiful classical music
  • Observe birds
  • Act out stories
  • Make handicrafts with nature items

And of course, much more. 

There are 90+ pages of ideas and templates in this volume. You'll also find photos that walk you through tricky instructions.  

Common Questions- What is the difference between Idea Nest Volume 2 and Idea Nest Volume 1? Idea Nest Volume 2 has a template included each month. This means the handicrafts or play ideas are a bit more planned out (although still very simple!) Also, Volume 1 is an updated version of the free Idea Nests that were sent out during 2020. There are added pictures, more activities, and the poems and art are included in the volume. 

Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final. 

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