Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2
Idea Nest Volume 2

Idea Nest Volume 2

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If you're waiting to begin formal lessons until your child is six, but can't wait to offer up a life of ideas, this is what you've been looking for! Let me introduce you to Idea Nest!

Idea Nest (digital download) is an early years guide for children ages 3-7, focused on building character and an appreciation for nature. 

Each month has a nature-based theme, as well as a character theme. Incorporate some of the ideas in your morning time by reading stories, singing a hymn, listening to a Bible story, looking at an art piece, and reading a poem. Save the imaginary play, handicraft, and science exploration ideas for later in the day. 

With Idea Nest Volume 2 you'll-

  • Read great books
  • Make a seasons tree
  • Study rocks
  • Learn Bible stories 
  • Explore why leaves change color
  • Listen to beautiful classical music
  • Observe birds
  • Act out stories
  • Make handicrafts with nature items

And of course, much more. 

There are 90+ pages of ideas and templates in this volume. You'll also find photos that walk you through tricky instructions.  

Introductory price through August 30! 


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