Free and Treadwell Primer Reading Lessons
Free and Treadwell Primer Reading Lessons
Free and Treadwell Primer Reading Lessons

Free and Treadwell Primer Reading Lessons

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This set of reading lessons is designed to move your child from reading short nursery rhymes to longer stories using a Charlotte Mason approach. You'll be able to introduce words by sight using color-coded word lists, daily lessons, and hands-on learning. Phonics will also be taught regularly, improving your child's ability to decode, and giving them skills they will need for spelling in the future. 

In this guide, you'll find: 

  • 9 weeks of reading by sight and phonics lessons, to help you build your child's reading fluency and endurance
  • Word cards to make reading by sight lessons simple
  • Color-coded word lists so you can focus on words that you haven't taught yet
  • Phonics rule cards to help you introduce phonics easily
  • Suggestions for a Words I Know notebook, to help keep track of phonics skills that your child knows
  • Ideas for assessing your child's reading
  • Short lessons to help build interest and attention

We recommend that you use the Reading Printable Packs before moving onto this set of lessons, but it isn't required. Just decide which words to teach your child before each lesson. 

You can get Reading-Literature: The Primer from online retailers or free online through Project Gutenberg. Or, copy and paste this Amazon Affiliate link-

 This is a 31-page file, electronic only. 


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