Family Time Math (digital download)
Family Time Math (digital download)
Family Time Math (digital download)
Family Time Math (digital download)
Family Time Math (digital download)

Family Time Math (digital download)

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While working with my daughter on math one day, it hit me that the very best part of math instruction is missed in a homeschool setting: collaboration. Getting children to talk about math is an important tool of their education, and so I wanted to find a way to bring the whole family together for math problem solving, games, and real-life experiences.

Family Time Math is a 36-week math program for children ages 3-11 and their parents. Each week, there are questions geared towards 3 age groups: Early Years, Elementary, and Upper Elementary. The questions gradually increase in difficulty, to help your child build a foundation in math. There are also monthly math activities for the whole family to enjoy. Add this math to your morning time, or save it until the evening when every family member is home. 

This supplementary curriculum is made up of three parts:

The Family Math Book- 

  • 65 pages of whole-family math. 
  • 36-weeks of math instruction, activities, and skill-building questions. 
  • Math copybook entries for Elementary and Upper Elementary students to help develop concepts. 
  • Mental math development. 
  • Skip counting activities to improve number sense and to prepare for multiplication and division. 
  • Family Math Activities every four weeks, allowing you to collaborate on math concepts as a whole family. 
  • Optional 5th day of practicing addition and subtraction or multiplication and division math facts. 
  • Related questions woven in through different age groups to encourage math-centered conversations. 

Family Math Packet- 

  • 23-page packet to supplement learning. 
  • Instructions and resources for Family Math Activities that children can take on the go. 
  • Resources for understanding math concepts. 

Early Years Math Packet-

  • Math activities for little ones who aren't quite ready for mental math, but long to  be included during this time. 
  • Hands-on activities that build number sense and one-to-one correspondence. 
  • Vocabulary-building activities so your little one builds a strong math foundation before official lessons start. 
  • Math cards for sorting and developing an understanding of ordinal numbers. 

While I don't believe little ones need to be rushed into formal lessons, I know that some children under six are eager to begin lessons and want to do "school" like their older siblings. For that reason, there is an Early Years level in Family Time Math. If your young child resists learning activities, it is best to wait until they are eager and ready!

What Is A Math Supplement? 

This is not intended to be a complete curriculum, although it may be enough for the first year of lessons or an introductory kindergarten year. Family Time Math works to fill in gaps that may occur with other programs that don't include strong mental math practice, facts practice, or encourage copybook entries. It also strives to introduce children to math language that may not be used in their primary curriculum in order to give them a broader understanding of math concepts.


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