Constitution Study
Constitution Study
Constitution Study

Constitution Study

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Teach your child about the US Constitution with this 26-page study. You'll find book suggestions, copywork, memory work, diagrams, and thoughtful discussion questions to help your child grow a deeper understanding about civics and government. Use this for Constitution Day in September, or check off your state's government requirement.. 

What you'll find:

  • 26 page study with watercolor illustrations
  • Diagrams to demonstrate concepts
  • Primary-source text of the constitution, as well as summary for brevity
  • Questions to guide narration
  • Copywork 
  • Memory work, to solidify learning of the Preamble 
  • Insight into the founding fathers 
  • A break down of the Bill of Rights
  • Primary source letter explaining the context of "Separation of church and state" 

This is a digital download