Habits for the Early Years: A Mother's Journal (eBook)

Habits for the Early Years: A Mother's Journal (eBook)

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We know we should get started with habit training when our children are young, but sometimes it's just so overwhelming! Where do we start, and how do we get started? This eBook* goes over the process of habit training as explained by Charlotte Mason. It also describes habits that are important to develop in your child's first six years of life. Using my experiences as a teacher and as a mom, I give practical ideas for habit training. You can print off the pages and use the journaling space to track your child's progress, as Charlotte Mason suggested.

What's inside-

  • 77 printable pages
  • Charlotte Mason quotes about habit training
  • Tips from a Charlotte Mason teacher and mom
  • Real life examples
  • Living book lists by topic
  • Ideas of things you can do with your child to solidify this habit
  • Journal prompts to examine your approach to each habit
  • Space to reflect on your child's growth during the habit training process

You can find a sample here. 


From Life to the Full- "The Habits for Early Learning journal serves as a great organizing resource and guide as you and your child work on one habit at a time. Miss Mason suggested working on one habit at a time and the process of forming a single habit can take 21-30 days. This is indeed a process that requires diligence and patience!"

Heather, homeschooling mom-  "I truly enjoyed your book and I will be implementing it! I am grateful for a plan that makes sense!"

 Jules and Co- "Leah let me have a sneak peek at this resource, and I've got to tell you that it delivers. For me, training my son in good habits like obedience (can I get an amen?!), attention, and truthfulness can be a bit overwhelming. At times it seems like we take two steps forward, two steps back. What I LOVE about Leah's eBook is that first, she takes the guesswork out of which habits to tackle first with young children. Second, she gives real life, practical tips that you can apply right away to get results. Plus, her eBook is formatted like a journal so that you can track your progress through each habit. Leah is just brimming with wisdom, yet she lays it all out in baby steps for us."

*This is a digital product. 



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